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Our Company- Mission

Our company aim is to promote a healthy lifestyle through the delivery of fresh, natural and healthy products to our consumers. Our purpose is to provide our customers with a product and service second to none. We intend to set an example and show people that the simplest way is the healthiest way, with no room for additives or preservatives or anything else but juice!

We want to inspire and nurture peoples minds and bodies through the consumption of our juices as drinking them is not only a healthy experience, but an enjoyable one too!

Our Suppliers

We obtain certification from each of our fruit and vegetable suppliers to ensure we receive top quality produce. Our fruit and vegetables are sourced in the South East of England where we also press/squeeze and bottle our juice, with the exception of our oranges, which we source seasonally from sunnier climates!

Our Customer Service

We operate on a sell and returns policy which ensures our fruit juice is at its optimum quality. We collect unused/unsold juice, with the exception of our 5l containers, and exchange them with freshly bottled juice free of charge!
This also ensures our business clients are not at any financial loss through the sale of our juices. Our customer satisfaction is one of our top priorities.

Our Juices

Our juices are 100% raw and fresh. Pressed/squeezed and bottled the same day as delivery. Due to the lack of pasteurization, our juices have a shelf life of between 1-3 days depending on the flavour. We want our juices to be of such a high quality that we have not pushed our juices to their maximum shelf lives.
We have given them accurate shelf lives in correspondence to their maximum freshness and drinkability, as these are raw juices. With the option of our free sell and return policy of your unused bottles, our customers are always taken care of.

Our Factory

Our juices are pressed/squeezed and bottled on a modern, fully automated, technological line in accordance with the HACCP system.
Our factory is cleaned twice a day and our machines cleaned after each batch of juices made.
We are stringent in our hygiene and cleanliness and perform weekly microbiological tests to ensure and maintain a top level of hygiene. Our fruit and vegetables are thoroughly washed twice before being pressed.

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01. 03. 11
New Label design...

New Label design...

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Our process is simple. Only leaving room for the goodness from the fruit and vegetables and nothing else!


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